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This Place Has No Atmosphere

b A gorgeous new package for Paula Danziger s backlist with an introduction from Ann Martin b In the year people live in malls take classes in ESP and get detention from robots Fifteen year old Aurora loves everything about her life She s part of the coolest group of kids at school and has just started dating the best looking guy in her grade Then her parents make the announce ment that she s sure will ruin her life the family s moving to the moon What with water rationing no privacy and freeze dried ham burgers how will Aurora ever feel like she s home again br br Paula Danziger s novels are hilarious genuine and full of dynamic female characters that have won the hearts of her readers and turned her books into beloved classics These playful covers full of charming details capture the spirit of Paula s stories and will brighten up the book shelves of her fans and a new generation of readers


No plot summary can suggest the mesmerizing texture of this caustically hilarious aggressively mordant constantly surprising and terrifyingly fun summation of the death by choking on hubris of the American dream in the st Century br br An unconventional abstract experiment depicting the elusive search for meaning within a chaotic world on the verge of collapse this challenge to readers presents a mosaic of nightmarish post modern prose in the form of a non linear novel exploring the existential definition of life Quickly unfolding into a wildly imaginative world of death metal serial killers absurd cultural references and sketches involving cough syrup abuse post apocalyptic chaos and self fulfillment through drone warfare the book explores a descent into chemical imbalance and sexual horror br br Rendered in several narrative forms the disconnected pieces within this three act novel forms a psychedelic story arc spanning the journey of the narrator to find the meaning of life within a near future filled with chaos and destruction to mine the depths of his nostalgia and explore the far reaches of the imagination to find satiation and serenity that no amount of sex drugs money power fame therapy or consumer electronics could touch Dodging from past to present to future Konrath s writing often goes meta and breaks the fourth wall varying from between painfully honest personal narrative and grotesque dark fiction br br Atmospheres is as unnerving as it is enthralling and is more disturbing than a cutthroat gang of genetically engineered Franz Kafka clones who ve been spawned in petri dishes filled with PCP and fecal matter showing up at your door wearing Reagan masks and polyester leisure suits wrestling in a wading pool filled with viscera and tapioca pudding


New York City police detective Frank Ballaro is returning home one night when he notices a trail of blood on the curb outside his apartment It leads to an alley from which a naked man races in a frenzy An oncoming cab ends the man s life but not before he whispers a last dying word i b atmosphere b i br br Frank finds a second injured man in the alley In his hands the man desperately clutches a bizarre object which he guards with his life As the case leads Frank from Park Avenue to Harlem to Greenwich Village he soon discovers the hideous meaning behind the word atmosphere and the unspeakable terror that comes with it He can only pray that it spares his life

The Shape of the Atmosphere

Gertie MacLarsen believes she was given ugliness at birth Growing up in an estranged home the only times she feels beautiful are the nights her father comes in to show her the stars The day of her th birthday the same day that Sputnik traverses the sky Gertie s life is irrevocably changed After a family tragedy her elusive and alcoholic mother sends her to Willow Estate a private mental institution where she is thrown into a world of harsh therapies dangerous hospital politics and surprisingly a sense of family br br Within the walls of Willow Estate Sanatorium Gertie finds awfulness and grace terror and family From hydro and shock therapy to first love to rape and suicide the only thing Gertie is sure of from day to day is that growing up is not a choice and that forgiveness and acceptance are perhaps the greatest gifts anyone can give As Gertie learns her fellow patients stories she realizes she is not the only one alone in this giant universe and that finding yourself sometimes means letting the past versions of yourself go and letting others help you define your own center of gravity br br Set against the historical backdrop of the early space race THE SHAPE OF THE ATMOSPHERE features a spectrum of supporting characters that bring the dramatic setting to life and a plot that explores what it means to know yourself in a world that never stops expanding and changing and that humanity is possible in any universe

Atmospheres: Architectural Environments. Surrounding Objects

Was eine architektonische Atmosphare wirklich ausmacht sagt Peter Zumthor ist diese einmalige Dichte und Stimmung dieses Gefuhl von Gegenwart Wohlbefinden Stimmigkeit Schonheit in deren Bann ich etwas erlebe und erfahre was ich in dieser Qualitat sonst nicht erleben wurde br Seine Leidenschaft gilt der Erschaffung von Gebauden mit solchen Wirkungsqualitaten doch wie lassen sich diese eigentlich erzielen In neun kurzen illustrierten Kapiteln erzahlt Peter Zumthor gleichsam in Form einer Selbstbeobachtung was ihn umtreibt wenn er die Atmosphare seiner Hauser zu erschaffen versucht Dabei sind Bilder von Raumen und Bauten die ihn beruhren ebenso wichtig wie bestimmte Musikstucke oder Bucher die ihn inspirieren Von der Komposition und Prasenz der Materialien uber den Umgang mit Proportionen bis hin zur Wirkung des Lichts macht diese Architekturpoesie nachvollziehbar worauf es beim Entwurf von Hausern ankommt

The Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology

The Atmosphere An Introduction to Meteorology remains the standard introduction in its field reinforcing basic concepts with everyday easy to grasp examples This revision retains the hallmarks professors have come to expect from Tarbuck and Lutgens a friendly largely non technical narrative timely coverage of recent atmospheric events and carefully crafted artwork by leading science illustrator Dennis Tasa br The Twelfth Edition maintains a student friendly approach while evolving to address various course challenges and trends New digital visualization and assessment tools are now available on MyMeteorologyLab a new resource that both encourages student self study and enables instructors to manage their courses online with customizable assessments for students Each chapter in this revision is organized by a new active learning path to help guide and engage non science majors A greater focus on popular and increasingly important Severe amp Hazardous Weather applications new critical visual analysis Eye on the Atmosphere features as well as new discussions of the real world career opportunities of meteorology with Professional Profile essays make the science both relevant and exciting

Glory: Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven

What is the Glory It is the realm of eternity It is the revelation of the presence of God He is Glory As air is to the atmosphere of the Earth so glory is the atmosphere of Heaven Praise until the spirit of worship comes Worship until the glory comes Then stand in the glory If you can capture the basic principles of Praise Worship and Glory which are outlined in this book so simple that we miss them you can have anything else you want in God

Atmosphere of Hope: Searching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis

A decade ago Tim Flannery s international bestseller i The Weather Makers i was one of the first books to break the topic of climate change out into the general conversation Today Earth s climate system is fast approaching a crisis Political leadership has not kept up and public engagement with the issue of climate change has declined Opinion is divided between technological optimists and pessimists who feel that catastrophe is inevitable The publication of this new book is timed for the lead up to the Climate Change Conference in Paris in December which aims to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate from all the nations in the world This book anticipates and will influence the debates br br Time is running out but catastrophe is not inevitable Around the world people are now living with the consequences of an altered climate with intensified and more frequent storms wildfires droughts and floods For some it s already a question of survival Drawing on the latest science Flannery gives a snapshot of the trouble we are in and more crucially proposes a new way forward including rapidly progressing clean technologies and a third way of soft geo engineering Tim Flannery with his inimitable style makes this urgent issue compelling and accessible This is a must read for anyone interested in our global future

Atmosphere Conditions

A winner of the National Poetry Series competition selected by Nathaniel Mackey

Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy

In this groundbreaking editorial and curatorial project more than writers artists and philosophers rethink what politics is about In a time of political turmoil and anticlimax this book redefines politics as operating in the realm of things Politics is not just an arena a profession or a system but a concern for things brought to the attention of the fluid and expansive constituency of the public But how are things made public What we might ask is a republic a res publica a public thing if we do not know how to make things public There are many other kinds of assemblies which are not political in the usual sense that gather a public around things scientific laboratories supermarkets churches and disputes involving natural resources like rivers landscapes and air The authors of Making Things Public and the ZKM show that the book accompanies ask what would happen if politics revolved around disputed things Instead of looking for democracy only in the official sphere of professional politics they examine the new atmospheric conditions technologies interfaces platforms networks and mediations that allow things to be made public They show us that the old definition of politics is too narrow there are many techniques of representation in politics science and art of which Parliaments and Congresses are only a part The authors include such prominent thinkers as Richard Rorty Simon Schaffer Peter Galison Richard Powers Lorraine Daston Richard Aczel and Donna Haraway their writings are accompanied by excerpts from John Dewey Shakespeare Swift La Fontaine and Melville More than color images document the new idea of what Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel call an object oriented democracy


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Meteorology: Understanding the Atmosphere

An entirely new way for students to observe analyze and understand meteorology Steven A Ackerman and John A Knox s METEOROLOGY UNDERSTANDING THE ATMOSPHERE is scientific topical and scholarly The authors use vivid photographs and compelling real life stories to present the subject of weather as it directly affects your students METEOROLOGY generates genuine enthusiasm for the subject by using conceptual models and engaging narrative to truly make weather phenomena come alive METEOROLOGY emphasizes how we observe the atmosphere and then uses those observations to explain atmospheric phenomena New Observational Questions further extend this emphasis by asking students to analyze photographs data or their own experiences By learning how to interpret scientific observations of the atmosphere students can deepen their understanding of the subject The second edition offers complete integration with MeteorologyNow TM the first assessment driven and student centered online learning solution created specifically for this course MeteorologyNow TM uses a series of chapter specific diagnostic tests to build a personalized learning plan for each student allowing students to focus their study time on specific areas of weaknesses Each personalized learning plan directs students to specific text sections as well as to a set of over three dozen Java applets designed to augment their understanding These acclaimed applets designed by Tom Whittaker and co author Steven Ackerman are divided into two types Observational Learning applets deal with interpreting satellite imagery and Atmospheric Explorations extend the book s treatment of key topics such as weather map analysis and numerical weather models

Rare Atmosphere: An Extraordinary Inter-dimensional Affair of the Heart

LIBRARIAN NOTE This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN and br ASIN B C N

The Color of Atmosphere: One Doctor's Journey in and Out of Medicine

If the medical profession you d devoted your life to was completely taken over by liability concerns and insurance regulations would you stay a physician br br The Color of Atmosphere tells one doctor s story and the route of her medical career with warmth humor and above all honesty As we follow Maggie Kozel from her idealistic days as a devoted young pediatrician through her Navy experience with universal health coverage and on into the world of private practice we see not only her reverence for medical science and her compassion for her patients but also the widening gap between what she was trained to do and what is eventually expected of her br br Her personal story plays out against the backdrop of our changing health care system and demonstrates the way our method of paying for health care has reached its way into the exam room putting a stranglehold on how doctors practice and profoundly influencing the doctor patient relationship The stories she shares illustrate the medical economic and moral complexities of US health care To understand Dr Kozel s ultimate decision to leave medicine is to better comprehend the disconnect between our considerable medical resources and how our health care system falls short of delivering them

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate

Atmosphere Weather and Climate presents a comprehensive introduction to weather processes and climatic conditions around the world their observed changes and projected future trends This updated and expanded eighth edition of Atmosphere Weather and Climate will prove invaluable to those studying the earth s atmosphere and world climate whether from environmental and earth sciences geography ecology agriculture hydrology or related disciplinary perspectives

Seven Years with Atmosphere & Rhymesayers

The Minneapolis based record label Rhymesayers and its groundbreaking group Atmosphere have become one of the most powerful forces in independent hip hop today br Photographer Dan Monick has traveled with the musicians and rappers from Rhymesayers and Atmosphere on and off for the better part of a decade He s documented a wide swath of territory from the fans to the shows and illuminated behind the scenes photos of the artists being themselves Monick likens the Rhymesayers work ethic to the DIY punk rock approach that he experienced playing in bands br Atmosphere leader Sean Slug is a charismatic driving force behind the Rhymesayers and features prominently in the story of the label and within the pages of the book

Oase 91: Building Atmosphere: Material, Detail and Atmosphere in Architectural Practice

Architects Peter Zumthor and Juhani Pallasmaa have both identified atmosphere as a core theme of architecture This publication discusses the creation and manipulation of atmosphere in their work and that of their contemporaries

Exoplanet Atmospheres: Physical Processes

Over the past twenty years astronomers have identified hundreds of extrasolar planets planets orbiting stars other than the sun Recent research in this burgeoning field has made it possible to observe and measure the atmospheres of these exoplanets This is the first textbook to describe the basic physical processes including radiative transfer molecular absorption and chemical processes common to all planetary atmospheres as well as the transit eclipse and thermal phase variation observations that are unique to exoplanets br br In each chapter Sara Seager offers a conceptual introduction examples that combine the relevant physics equations with real data and exercises Topics range from foundational knowledge such as the origin of atmospheric composition and planetary spectra to more advanced concepts such as solutions to the radiative transfer equation polarization and molecular and condensate opacities Since planets vary widely in their atmospheric properties Seager emphasizes the major physical processes that govern all planetary atmospheres br br Moving from first principles to cutting edge research i Exoplanet Atmospheres i is an ideal resource for students and researchers in astronomy and earth sciences one that will help prepare them for the next generation of planetary science br br br The first textbook to describe exoplanet atmospheres Illustrates concepts using examples grounded in real data Provides a step by step guide to understanding the structure and emergent spectrum of a planetary atmosphere Includes exercises for students

Atmospheres Apollinaire

i Short listed for the Governor General s Literary Award for Fiction Ottawa Carleton Book Award and Trillium Book Award i br br Paris the City of Light was once the scene of a brilliant magnesium flare host to the belle epoque from to Tempting poets painters writers and composers from across Europe the city relied on one man to move among them all Guillaume Apollinaire His contemporaries called him brilliant mad whimsical He was the bastard son of an Italian cavalry officer and a Polish woman addicted to gambling but nevertheless let it be rumoured around Paris that he was the son of the pope

Atmosphere (Planet Earth)

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Out of Thin Air: Dinosaurs, Birds, and Earth's Ancient Atmosphere

For million years dinosaurs ruled the Earth until a deadly asteroid forced their extinction But what accounts for the incredible longevity of dinosaurs A renowned scientist now provides a startling explanation that is rewriting the history of the Age of Dinosaurs Dinosaurs were pretty amazing creatures real life monsters that have the power to fascinate us And their fiery Hollywood ending only serves to make the story that much more dramatic But fossil evidence demonstrates that dinosaurs survived several mass extinctions and were seemingly unaffected by catastrophes that decimated most other life on Earth What could explain their uncanny ability to endure through the ages Biologist and earth scientist Peter Ward now accounts for the remarkable indestructibility of dinosaurs by connecting their unusual respiration system with their ability to adapt to Earth s changing environment a system that was ultimately bequeathed to their descendants birds By tracing the evolutionary path back through time and carefully connecting the dots from birds to dinosaurs Ward describes the unique form of breathing shared by these two distant relatives and demonstrates how this simple but remarkable characteristic provides the elusive explanation to a question that has thus far stumped scientists Nothing short of revolutionary in its bold presentation of an astonishing theory i Out of Thin Air i is a story of science at the edge of discovery Ward is an outstanding guide to the process of scientific detection Audacious and innovative in his thinking meticulous and thoroughly detailed in his research only a scientist of his caliber is capable of telling this surprising story

Peterson Field Guide (R) to Atmosphere

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Atmospheres and Affirmations

Journey through a tidal wave of sound in this Soundtrack of Life The music has a hip urban beat and is blended with the hypnotic voice of author Louise L Hay as she offers powerful affirmations to assist with your personal growth and self healing The tracks featured are Connected to Life River of Change Yes to Life Country Garden Heaven on Earth and Inside Out

The Physics of Atmospheres

In the third edition of The Physics of Atmospheres John Houghton has revised his acclaimed textbook to bring it completely up to date The book provides a comprehensive concise description of the physical processes governing the structure and the circulation of the atmosphere New chapters have been introduced on topics of strong contemporary interest such as chaos and predictability and climate change The chapters on global observations especially through remote sensing and numerical modeling have also been substantially extended

Atmosphere, Clouds, and Climate

The atmosphere is critical to climate change It can amplify shifts in the climate system and also mitigate them This primer offers a short reader friendly introduction to these atmospheric processes and how they work written by a leading expert on the subject br br br Giving readers an overview of key atmospheric processes David Randall looks at how our climate system receives energy from the sun and sheds it by emitting infrared radiation back into space The atmosphere regulates these radiative energy flows and transports energy through weather systems such as thunderstorms monsoons hurricanes and winter storms Randall explains how these processes work and also how precipitation cloud formation and other phase changes of water strongly influence weather and climate He discusses how atmospheric feedbacks affect climate change how the large scale atmospheric circulation works how predicting the weather and the climate are fundamentally different challenges and much more This is the ideal introduction for students and nonspecialists No prior experience in atmospheric science is needed only basic college physics br br br Authoritative and concise i Atmosphere Clouds and Climate i features a glossary of terms suggestions for further reading and easy to follow explanations of a few key equations This accessible primer is the essential introduction to atmospheric processes and the vital role they play in our climate system

The Atmosphere

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